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Witch Missy

Happy Halloween Everyone. I wrote this 100 word story for the 9th annual Halloweensie contest on Susanna Leonard Hill’s website. Click the link to check out contest rules. 🙂 Enjoy!


“I’m a witch,” Missy chants—red curls poking messily from her black pointed cap. “I need a wand.”
She snaps a twig from a leafless branch. Perfect.
Her costumed group reaches a spooky darkened house.
Missy stops.
A friend tugs her arm. “We only stop for lit porch lights.”
Cobwebs litter the deserted porch. Owls screech.
Missy shivers.
“Come on.”
Missy ignores.
“We’re leaving.” They really do.
Missy stares.
A nearby chorus of “Trick or treat!”
A cauldron! A real witch’s house! It could hold potions.
Missy moves.
Inching closer, squinting.
Missy screams.
The cat dashes.
Missy laughs.


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  1. Nancy Riley

    Missy went missing after the meow! Fun story! Good luck!

  2. So cute! Haven’t we all scared ourselves like that before? Very fun.

  3. Colleen Owen Murphy

    Great job with the development of this story! Missy is a lot braver than I would ever dare to be! Good luck!

  4. What a fun story. Love the build up in such a short amount of words, and so relatable. Good luck!

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