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Just One Child

Happy Halloween Everyone. I wrote this 100 word story for the 9th annual Halloweensie contest on Susanna Leonard Hill’s website. Click the link to check out contest rules. 🙂 Enjoy!


Creak. Her rocking chair broke the eerie silence.

“Just one child,” she thought.

She adjusted her pointy black hat, and rubbed her gnarled hands together greedily. “Just one.”

Yet, none came.

Her eyes scanned fake cobwebs and tattered scarecrows with disgust.

At long last, she rose to go inside—heart heavy, lonely.

Then, a chorus of voices behind her.

Trick or treat!”

A potion for her soul! She turned. Not just one child. Her great-grandchildren!

“Sorry we’re so late. It’s a long drive, but we wanted to visit on your first “nursing home Halloween”.

A full heart. A smile. Happy.


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Witch Missy


  1. Aw, this took such a sweet turn!

  2. Nancy Riley

    Ah! Such a sweet story! Good luck!

  3. I enjoyed reading this, especially the twist and sweet happy ending.

  4. This is so touching. Makes me think of my grandma and how much she loved it when I brought her great grand-children to see her.

  5. Lovely story! It brought tears to my eyes.

  6. Great generational story! I knew that woman, when I moved my Grandfather to a retirement home. But she was waiting to go to a ball game. sitting in the hall. All day. Every day. I am so glad this story had a happy ending! Best of Luck.

  7. Ahh, this is lovely, well done!

  8. Nice story, Melissa. Made me think of my mom who passed away last year. Thanks for sharing and good luck!

  9. An unexpected twist at the end, so sweet and touching. Good luck!

  10. What wonderful twist of an ending! Well done!

  11. I love this story. Such a sweet and happy ending!

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