I’m sure all moms can remember a time when the random kindness of a stranger mattered. Maybe it was it the cashier at the grocery store playing peek-a-boo with your restless toddler so you could check out. How about the teenager who held open the door as you were struggling through with your double stroller? All of it matters. But when your a special needs mom, it really matters. I mean, really.

You see, we aren’t immune to the dirty looks or irritated sighs from people. We’ve endured the rude comments about our child making noises. So when strangers are kind–even go out of their way to help, it’s huge. I’ve seen stories in the press lately about employees at theme parks going out of the way to help kids on the spectrum who become overwhelmed. And yes, when your child is on the spectrum, even good things can cause a meltdown. Things they’ve begged for, talked about constantly, and looked forward to for months. Why? Because when that big moment finally gets here, it’s just too much. It’s overwhelming. And when they can’t process all of that stimulation, even if it’s something they’ve wanted, they can shut down.

Adam Levine gets it. So does the young lady who portrays Snow White at Disney. And the employee at Universal Studios. And, I’m so glad they do. But there are so many more people out there who still don’t get it. I’d love for people to do some research on the autism spectrum, Tourette’s, OCD, ADHD, and all kinds of “invisible” causes of behavior that might look like simple tantrums. Then, you can be one of those people showing kindness. And it matters. So much. Thanks for taking the time to read!