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I know I’m not the only one who’s hurting over recent events in our nation. I’m certainly not the only person praying for our country to figure out a way to come together and stop allowing differences of opinion to lead to a loss of civility. One of the best things about America is our diversity, and yet we’ve become increasingly divided.

I wish I had some answers. I wish I could fix things that aren’t working. I wish I had a way to level the playing field and give all kids opportunities. One thing anyone who knows me can tell you is that I love kids. Working with kids is all I’ve ever wanted to do, and all I’ve done as a career and as a volunteer in my community. Some days at work, my precious little patient “J” takes my hand. He doesn’t say anything, but he holds onto to my hand. It melts my heart into a puddle and I yearn make this world a better place for him. I don’t think I’ve ever felt such sadness for my country.


Even though I don’t have the answers, I’m encouraged that my community is having a service of unity this evening. Maybe, just maybe, if all communities around the country begin listening to each other and addressing issues we can start to see changes. Little changes, when multiplied around the country, can become big changes. I look forward to doing whatever I can do locally to make this community a welcoming place of opportunity and acceptance for anyone who lives here.


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  1. Linda Hood McMillan

    I loved reading your stories, and felt very blessed to have had the privilege of knowing your grandmother and grandfather and the entire Walters family. I grew up just up the road from
    them in Sautee, Ga. Went to the same church and school with them. Your grandmother was our Girl Scout leader and frequently our Sunday school teacher. Scouts would get off the school bus
    at their big house with the wonderful trees, yard and view of Lynch Mountain. It was a wonderful time and they were always so patient and kind. Loved them all and will never forget them!

    He was a wonderful doctor, a visit cost 8.00 (remarkable). He saved my dad’s right arm when he
    was sawing firewood and got his arm in the saw blade! I am sorry to read about Mary Beth and more recently your fathers death. Hope your mother is doing well and please give her my best
    Love and blessings to all of you
    Linda Hood McMillan

    • Hi Linda, I will definitely pass along your regards to Mom. I loved my grandparents as well. I’ve been reading their old journals and they were such generous, loving people. Sorry, I’m just responding! I haven’t been checking notifications lately. 🙂

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